MUTUAL EMPOWERMENT GROUPS
                                  Taking Mentoring to a New Place:
                     the Educational Process with a Therapeutic Effect
Mutual Empowerment Groups, a dynamic, groundbreaking mental health intervention, provide aid and caring flow, with far-reaching results –
   --    from person to person, and from group to group
   --    from helping professionals to clients, and from clients to each other
Mutual Empowerment Groups answer the current societal need for additional, more cost-effective services to support at-risk youth and their family members and other at-risk populations in transition.  When resources are scarce and caseloads are on the rise, they provide the needed LEVERAGE to improve upon:

  --    services offered
  --    applied psychological knowledge and skills of trained professionals
  --    community outreach efforts
  --    preventive and early intervention programs

The Project for Mutual Empowerment Groups


The Project For Mutual Empowerment Groups